The following are fields that appear on these screens. Not all screens have all fields.

General Settings

Name -- An identifier for the template.

Description -- An optional description of the template.

Chart Type -- Select from the available alternatives (column, line).

Summarize by Group -- Group similar results together.

Advanced Settings

Orientation -- Select from Portrait and Landscape

Include Chart Details -- Enables the following fields

Report Summary -- Enable a report summary

Row Separator -- Display a row separator.

Page Header Position -- Select none, top, bottom or both.

Auto Column Split -- Enable automatic column splitting. This automatically aligns the columns equally on the report providing the column widths that are most proportional.

Group on First Attribute -- Create a report that groups rows based on the first reported attribute. This creates groups of items in the report whenever the left most column’s value changes.

For example, with disabled, a report looks like this:

Device Name Gig/e Port Name Health Status

M5 ge/0/0/1 Up

M5 ge/0/0/2 Down

M5 ge/0/0/3 Up

M5 ge/0/0/4 Unknown

M18 ge/0/1/1 Up

M18 ge/0/1/2 Starting

M18 ge/0/1/3 Up

M18 ge/0/1/4 Down

The same report looks like this with Group on First Attribute enabled:

Device Name Gig/e Port Name Health Status


ge/0/0/1 Up

ge/0/0/2 Down

ge/0/0/3 Up

ge/0/0/4 Unknown



ge/0/1/1 Up

ge/0/1/2 Starting

ge/0/1/3 Up

ge/0/1/4 Down

Alternative ways of Grouping Attributes in Reports -- The following are ways to turn on grouping in a report template.

Select Group on First Attribute. This groups output based only on the first attribute as described above.

Do not select Group on First Attribute -- In the layout for each column select group by for the individual attributes you wish to report together. This method creates separate groups for each attribute, groups within groups appear.

Select both of the above. This method creates a single group using all the columns you have selected in attribute layout and inserts a count for each group.

The Source and Layout tabs are common to all editors.