This tab outlines the column layout for the template.

Click on the up/down arrows on the right of each row to re-order data columns. Click to select a row, and the editor panel at the bottom of the screen appears. It has the following fields:

Column Text -- The column label.

Horizontal Alignment -- Right, Left, Center (the default).

Column Width -- The column width in characters.

Sort Priority -- Configures report sorting. Define the attribute sort order here. You can sort within a sort, so you can sort on Name and then by Location and then by IP Address, and so on. The number configures the sort group, so 1 sorts, then 2 within 1, then 3, and so on.

Font Size -- The data’s font size.

Font / Background Color -- The color for the text/background. Click the field to open a color chooser.

Calculation Type -- How to calculate for summarizing the numeric data. Select from the available options (Average, High, Low, Sum).

Click Save to preserve any template you have configured, or Close to close the editor screens without saving.