ProScan Portlet

This portlet lets you configure compliance requirements.You can use filtering in the Expanded ProScan Portlet to limit the visible policies.

The Icon and ProScan Type columns indicate whether the policy is a single policy or a group. Columns also display the Overall Compliance of a policy, and the Target(s) (number of devices to scan), and whether the policy is Monitored (red means no, green means yes. See Proscan in Monitoring for details). Finally, you can see whether a policy’s execution is scheduled (and whether the schedule has occurred). To execute a policy manually, go to the Managed Resources portlet, and right-click the targeted device to find the Change Management menu item. You can Execute ProScan policies that target the device with that menu item. If you want to execute a ProScan policy not already associated with the device or group, then select Execute Proscan Policy. A selection screen appears where you can select a policy and either execute or schedule it.

Overall Compliance

Overall Compliance can have the following values and flag icon colors:

All Compliant -- Icon: Green. All selected equipment is in compliance with the policy.

None Compliant -- Icon: Red. None of the selected equipment is in compliance with the policy.

None Determined -- Icon: blank. None of the equipment has been tested for compliance.

Partial Compliance -- Icon: Yellow. Not all equipment complies with the policy but all equipment has been tested.

Compliance Varies -- Icon: Yellow Not all equipment has been tested for compliance. The tested equipment might be compliant or not compliant.

Portlet Menu

This screen also has the following right-click menu items:

New --  Select either a new policy or group. Creating a new policy opens the ProScan Policy Editor, through which you can define one. See Creating or Modifying a ProScan Policy for more information about the Editor. See Creating or Modifying ProScan Policy Groups for the group editor.

Edit -- Opens the selected policy or group for modification. See Creating or Modifying a ProScan Policy for more information. See Creating or Modifying ProScan Policy Groups for the group editor.

Refresh Targets -- Queries to check targets, particularly those in dynamic groups, are up-to-date.

Best practice is to Refresh ProScan Targets before running a scan particularly if your network has changed since the last scan. You can also schedule this. See Schedules.

Modify Targets -- Lets you modify and/or select target equipment for the policy.

Schedule -- Configure a policy to run on a schedule.

Audit -- Opens an Audit Viewer with the results of a selected policy’s runs. This is one way to see the historical results of proscan policy runs. Another is to consult the Compliance Policy Summary snap-in in the Expanded ProScan Portlet.

Delete -- Deletes the selected policy. Select the item to remove and click Delete. The application prompts you for confirmation.

Import / Export -- Lets you import policies or export the selected policy.

Expanded ProScan Portlet

The expanded ProScan portlet lets you see the Compliance Policy Summary, a reference tree of the connections between a policy and its targets, and a Compliance Policy Chart snap panel.

See Compliance Policy Summary for a description of the snap panel that appears below the listed policies in this manager.