User Login Report

In addition to reports about inventory, devices, and so on, Open Manage Network Manager lets you create a report documenting user logins.

This report can include the following attributes: Login Date, Status [SUCCESS, AUTH FAILURE, IP RESTRICTION], UserID, User Name, User IP, Proxy IP (if going through a Load Balancer/Proxy), AppServer IP, Browser [CHROME, FIREFOX, and so on], Operating System [WINDOWS, LINUX, MAC, IPHONE, IPAD, and so on.]

The following attributes are available, but not in default seeded report to conserve Column space: Portal IP and Browser Version.

When authentication fails, this report does not record the IP address from which the user made the attempt, unless such users are behind a proxy or load balancer.

Browser ID, Version and Client appear only by best effort. Browsers do not always send the user-agent and can change standard messaging with extra plugins.

A Default User Sign-On Log DAP is seeded which by default keeps the last 30 days.