Compliance Policy Summary

This snap panel appears at the bottom of the expanded portlet described in ProScan Portlet. It catalogs the compliance policy’s history and lists the Equipment scanned, a status icon indicating whether the run discovered equipment in (green) or out (red) of compliance. If you added equipment to a policy before it has run, you may also see a Not Executed (blue) status. Each run date for the policy and equipment combination selected in the list at the top of the detail panel screen appears as a row in this panel. You can also see compliance failure messages in Open Manage Network Manager’s audit trails.

Compliance scans do not stop the first time they fail. They continue so all failures of compliance in the entire device configuration appear cataloged in the result.

Each time Open Manage Network Manager executes a compliance policy it stores a history record in the database. Similarly, edits to these policies update history records. When you edit a compliance policy to add/remove equipment, Open Manage Network Manager creates or deletes the corresponding history record. Every time Open Manage Network Manager executes the compliance policy, it updates the Last Run Date, Status and Details on the history record.


When you run a ProScan group policy, the history for the group appears in this detail panel just as it would for a single policy. History concatenates the results of the component policies, as does reporting. See Compliance and Change Reporting.

To see the Compliance Policy History, print a Compliance Policy Violation report from Report Manager.