Discovery Profiles

The discovery profiles set up equipment discovery for Open Manage Network Manager.

The summary view displays the Name, Description, Default (the green check indicates the default profile), whether the profile is Scheduled and Next Execution Date for scheduled discovery.

When Open Manage Network Manager discovers unknown devices, it examines the RFC1213 MIB for hints of the device's capabilities, determining if it looks similar to a layer 3 router or a layer 2 switch. Since some device can do both, Open Manage Network Manager classifies such ambiguous devices as routers.

Menu Options

When you right-click a profile, the following menu options appear (in addition to the Common Menu Items):

New -- Opens Discovery Profile Editor in new profile mode. (see General)


Edit --  Opens Discovery Profile Editor.

Copy --  Opens Discovery Profile Editor, and renames the selected profile as “CopyOf[Original Name]”.

Execute -- Executes a discovery profile. This also produces an Audit trail (see Audit Trail / Jobs Screen). A message appears indicating the success or failure of discovery execution.

Discovery execution continues in the background even when you close the audit trail / jobs screen, but the message indicating success / failure still appears when the discovery process is done.

Inspect --Validate the profile’s credentials, and that the device pings, and is licensed for discovery. Described in Inspection.

Quick Discovery -- Opens discovery wizard displaying network and authentications, but without the Actions and Inspection panels. Quick Discovery does not execute actions, either. Click the Execute button once you open this screen to quickly discover equipment. (See Network for more about the screen this displays .)

Schedule -- Opens schedule editor where you can create and/or modify the schedule for a discovery profile’s execution.

Audit -- Displays audit trails for the selected profile. See Audit Trail / Jobs Screen.

Delete -- Deletes a discovery profile, after you confirm deletion. A notification message appears when deletion is completed on the application server.

The remaining menu items include Import, Export Selection, Export All and (if other users exist in the system) Share with User.

Open Manage Network Manager discovers Aruba Access points through the controllers to which they connect, discovery does not find stand-alone access points.