This tab has the following fields:

General Properties

Name -- A unique identifier for the policy (editable only when you click New, not on existing policies).

Enabled -- Check to enable this policy.

Description -- A text description of the policy. This also appears when the policy is listed in the manager.

Input Source

Use the radio buttons to select a source. Select from among the following options:

Device Backup -- Retrieve the configuration from the device and scan it for compliance.

Current Config -- The scan the current configuration backed up from the device.

Configuration Label -- Select the configuration to run against based on a label. This software automatically updates the Current label so it points to the most recently backed up configuration files.

By date -- When you click this radio button, you can then select a configuration file backed up that precedes a specified date most closely in a selector that appears below the radio button. You can scan even historic configurations for compliance, with the Based on Date field. No validation ensures this date is the current one.

Adaptive CLI -- Select a desired Show Adaptive CLI to scan the target device below the radio button. The policy configured scans the show results, and that show appears in the Audit screen.