Managed Resource Groups

These groups make acting on several devices at once more convenient, making management of groups of devices possible. The summary screen displays columns describing the group Name, Type, and Icon. You can also right-click to do the following:

New -- Lets you make either a Static Group (one in which you select devices) or a Dynamic Group (one in which a filter selects devices). See details of these screens below.

Edit -- This opens the same editors as New, populated with the information for the selected group.

Edit Resources -- Lets you edit resources associated with the selected group like its location, contact, or whether to manage it by hostname.

Visualize -- Displays a topology map of the selected group. See Display Strategies for more.

Actions -- Select from a sub-menu of actions available for the group.

Adaptive CLI -- Select from a sub-menu of Adaptive CLI

File Management > Backup, Restore, Deploy -- Lets you call on Open Manage Network Manager’s NetConfig configuration file backup, restore and deploy capabilities. See Backup Configurations for an example of the steps this follows. See also File Management and more about deploying updates to the OS for the selected resource group. See Deploy Firmware for details.

When you select a group backup, and the group contains devices of several types, the Device Options panel displays a tab for each device type. Select the backup parameters there before executing or scheduling backup.

Link Discovery -- Discover links between members of the selected group, and others. See New Link and Link Discovery for details.

Resync Resources -- Queries the devices in the group to update Open Manage Network Manager’s database. Resyncing also resyncs alarms on the selected device.

Delete -- Remove the selected group from inventory. The devices remain in inventory, but this removes the grouping.

Import / Export -- Lets you import from or export to file the group configuration.

Share with User -- Share the group with another user. See Sharing.

­Open Manage Network Manager does not supports static groups that include members retrieved by (dynamic) filters. You can configure membership with dynamic resource groups that include group memberships as filter criteria. For example you can create a filter for members of ResourceGroupABC or members of ResourceGroupXYZ.

Expanded Managed Resource Groups

The expanded Managed Resource Groups screen lets you see the summary screen’s groups with a Reference Tree snap panel that displays a selected group’s connection to its devices and any assigned monitors.