Static Group

Selecting Static Group as the type to create displays a selector screen where you can Name and select a Category for the group, then search for available resources with a filter. Click Apply Filter after you have configured it, and a list of devices fitting its criteria appears. Select device(s) and click Add Selected, or simply click Add All to add the entire list to your static group. Notice that you can continue to re-use this filter to list devices, and continue to select them.

When you select a device, it no longer appears listed. When you click Done the subsequent screen displays all devices you have selected. You can click Add on this screen to return to the previous screen (or Remove All to delete the listed devices from the group). At the bottom of this screen, you can also elect to group devices by None, Vendor or Common Type (Switch, Router, and so on). These last two create “trees” with nodes for each vendor or type. You can also click the magnifying glass to search through listed devices. Clicking Remove All removes all devices in the group.

Click Save to preserve the group you have configured.