A toolbar at the upper left corner of the Visualize My Network to help navigate through the topology onscreen.

These are the tools:

Toggle Design Mode -- Click this to turn on Design Tools, described below.

Help -- Click this to turn access the online help for this screen.

Default -- Click the wrench icon to configure the default view. If the Visualizer Portlet is on a page not driven by another Context--for example, Containers--and you have write permission for Visualizer, then this icon appears. Clicking this lets you associate the Visualizer portlet on the current page to a selected view. To return to the default network view click the red minus (-) button in the settings. Any view change requires a page refresh after applying the revised setting.

Search Node Elements within this Graph -- Search for a particular node. This opens a screen displaying the search results, name, type of node and the node’s alarm severity. Click Select / Center Item on Graph to select a listed item.Search also finds links or “edges” between devices, and saving a view preserves displayed links’ appearance.

Selection Tool -- The cursor selects nodes. Click and drag around nodes to select several.

Pan Tool -- The hand moves the background.

Shortest Path Tool -- Click two nodes to highlight the shortest path between them.

Bifocal Effect -- Move the cursor to magnify nodes under it. Handy in a crowded view.

Zoom In / Out -- These magnifying glass icons change the magnification for the view.

Open / Save View -- Open a saved view or save the current one. Views include visible nodes and links, but you cannot save the location of these nodes. (See Map Context for a possible alternative.)

Edge Filtering -- Configure the type of links that appear onscreen (by default all appear). Click the checkbox in the screen that appears after clicking this icon, then check/uncheck to configure what links appear in the topology. You can also save views with different filtering.