Design Tools

When you click the Toggle Design Mode icon on the left, several additional tools appear that let you manipulate the Visualize My Network screen.

These tools include the following, in addition to those described above in Tools:

Line Drawing -- Click to select the type of line to draw, then shift+click two icons onscreen to draw the line.

Group / Ungroup -- These two icons group or ungroup selected icons labels and lines together so you can move them in tandem. Ctrl+click to multi-select icons.

Notice that when you create a group, the Properties panel provides additional configuration parameters. These include the Header panel where you can configure whether the group header is Visible, its Label the Background and Text Color. Click the minus in the header to minimize the group (and plus to expand a minimized group).

The Content panel lets you configure whether the group appears as a Panel or Cloud, and its Background and Stroke colors.

Undo / Redo -- These two arrows undo and redo the last action(s).

Clear -- Clears the Visualize My Network screen.

Add -- Adds a Label, a Cloud or a Linked View to the Visualize My Network screen. use the Properties panel at the bottom right of the screen to configure the font, background color, label contents, and so on, when you have selected the added element.

If you configure and save a Drill-in view with Design Tools, then that view persists for all drill-ins from that device until you remove it an icon that appears between view Open and Save when it is enabled. Deleting such a drill-in view restores the default settings

When you add these elements, you can elect to check Static Placement and they will not move with graphic elements when they are automatically re-arranged. You can, however, click and drag them.