Storage Array Portlet

This portlet lets you manage storage arrays on your network.

The summary portlet displays columns describing the listed arrays’ Status, Equipment Name, IP Address, Vendor, and Capacity.

The following menu items are available from right-clicking in the portlet:

Edit -- Select from the General, Authentication or Management Interface editors in the sub-menu. For information about the last two, see Managed Resources.

Details -- This opens a screen for the selected storage array like the one described in Equipment Details.

Resync -- Updates Open Manage Network Manager with the latest information from the device.

Delete -- Remove the selected service array from the list.

Show Key Metrics -- Displays the key metrics for the selected array. See Key Metric Editor for more about configuring these.

Audit Trail -- Displays the audit trails for the selected storage array, as described in Audit Trail / Jobs Screen.

For additional information, you can click the plus in the upper right corner of this portlet to see the Storage Array Portlet Expanded.

Storage arrays also appear in the Managed Resources portlet.