Container View

This (non-instanceable) container portlet displays configured containers authorized for the logged-in user, in the color of the most severe alarm for equipment within that container. Because it is non-instanceable, only one can appear on a page.

Expand the container tree by clicking the plus to each container’s left. Container contents sort alphabetically, and alarms appear to the right of equipment displayed.

The container selected acts as a filter for a screen’s other Open Manage Network Manager portlets. If you select “Folsom” as a location in the container portlet, then only items related to Folsom devices appear in the other portlets on the page. If you select a parent container, that expands the selection to include all child containers’ selections. It does not, however select everything. You can configure containers in Container Editor, described in the next section. You may have to wait a few moments to see a container’s contents accurately.

Portlets that respond to Container or Map Context “filtering” include the following: Audit Trail, Event History, Locations, Vendors, Contacts, Managed Resources, Ports, Authentications, Discovery Profiles, Monitors, Services.

General > Entity Change Settingsis in expanded mode, refresh does not occur automatically, but you can refresh it manually.

If a container displays unexpected results, right-click it to refresh its membership or alarm severity / state.

Right-clicking a container displays the following menu items:

Refresh Members -- Re-query the database to populate any dynamic filter that is part of the container.

Details -- Opens a details panel with a list of the container’s contents (Members) as well as container members’ Alarms (Alarms and Event History) and History (Audit trails and Configurations).

Refresh Alarm State -- Re-query the database to update the container’s alarm state based on its contents.

Edit Resources -- Open an editor screen for the container that lets you change common attributes within it.

Visualize -- Display a container in the Visualize screen where you can drill in to see its contents (see Visualize My Network).

Tag -- Enter map location coordinates for the container.

Container View in Tenant Sites

Within a Multitenant environment, only containers configured to appear in tenant sites appear there. If that container contains equipment only visible on the master site, those devices will appear below the container node, but will have no impact in filtering other portlets, like Alarms, for example.