Maps and Containers Together

A map context portlet is in Standalone mode when no Container View portlet is on the same page.

In Standalone mode you can determine exactly what portion of the map appears through the Settings option (the wrench icon).

The map context portlet is in Container Context mode when a Container View portlet is on the same page. In these Container Context configurations, the Container View determines what appears in the Map portlet, so the Map Context portlet resets its boundaries based upon the geographic position of the selected container's members. For example, you can select a container (Morocco) resulting in two clustered pin for both Casablanca and Tangier.

However if you select Casablanca from the container view the map automatically changes its presentation and boundaries based upon the members of the new selection. The view zooms to the street level in Casablanca.

If you select Tangier and map presents the container’s sites in a street-level view of Tangier.