Visualize My Network

The Visualize My Network portlet displays discovered devices, mapping them in relationship to each other. It also lets you store and retrieve views you have arranged, as well as configure the default view (see View for more about these capabilities).

General > Entity Change Settings

The color displayed in these topologies indicates the alarm severity of the node or link (“edge”) only. No color or icon indicates a device’s network status or availability, although hovering the cursor over a node displays that information.

Visualize can act like a filter, too. Portlets like Alarms and Ports respond to clicking a node in Visualize, displaying information relevant to only that node.

Create a Visualization

Creating a topology map of devices or services is as simple as right-clicking the item(s) you want to map, and selecting Visualize.

You can also save different topologies after you configure them. See View for more about that.

You can fine-tune the appearance of what you see with the tools described in Configuring Views and what follows.

If you do not see what you expect, make sure you have refreshed your browser so cached images do not interfere with current ones.