External Commands

External commands are essentially scripts that run in the Open Manage Network Manager environment. For example, you could run the DOS dir command (and schedule its execution). Make sure you select External Command as the Type of Adaptive CLI in the editor when you create an Adaptive CLI that refers to an external command. Also, make sure the Net::Telnet package is installed with Perl.

You can execute external commands with a device as target, using device attributes as input parameters to the Adaptive CLI script. See some of the Seeded External Scripts.

Audit Trail

When you execute a script, the audit screen displays information about it.By default, this screen often conceals the info circles in this screen. To see them, click the icon next to the refresh icon to open the message level selector and check the info circle level of reporting, then click Refresh to see those blue circles.


Open Manage Network Manager stores the results of running a script as lines the Execution Details snap panel. Right click the particular command run in the snap panel at the bottom of the Expanded Actions Portlet. Tabs show the Results, Sent Command, and Script and Parameters. When viewing a script run the results of running it appear target device-by-device.

Results can also appear in the audit screen messages and in the Results panel of the Action job viewer screen.You can also extract parameters for these external commands as is described in Attributes Extraction.