Adaptive CLI Records Aging Policy

You can use Open Manage Network Manager’s aging feature to preserve Adaptive CLI information. Click the Redcell > Database Aging Policy (DAP) node of the Control panel, and click the default Adaptive CLI DAP and click the edit button on its right.After filling in the General Info tab, the Parameters screen lets you configure the following:

Keep History -- Enter the number of days to retain the history in the database.

Delete history associated with Negate command -- Check to remove archived records associated with Negate (described under General).

Archive Deleted Records -- Check to have deleted archived records saved as a file (configured in the General Info parameters too).

You can see deployed Axis2 web services listed in the screen at http://[application server IP address]:8089/axis2/services/listServices. These may take a little time to appear, so be patient. If you have been patient, and they still do not appear listed, you may have to clear your browser’s cache. Clicking the Activity link once they appear displays the WSDL.