Actions Portlet

The Actions Portlet lets you manage actions like Adaptive CLI, backups, change management actions, and so on. The list of actions available to your system depends on the exact configuration you have installed. This portlet is the primary access point for Adaptive CLI editing.

The summary portlet displays columns with the Name, Family, and Target Entity Type for the listed Action. The Family column describes the type of Action.

For Adaptive CLI to be fully functional, you must install Perl on your application server. See Perl for more about this.

To configure and schedule groups of actions, right-click in the Schedules portlet, and create an Action Group. This lets you run several actions, and configure their order and targets.

Expanded Actions Portlet

The expanded portlet adds columns for Description, Last Web Service ID, Access Level, Web Service Deployment, and Supports Groups.

The expanded portlet also has snap panels to display Reference Tree connections between the selection and other elements within Open Manage Network Manager, as well as an Execution History panel listing Device Name(s), Execution Date and Status for the selected Action, and a Scheduled Actions panel cataloging any Schedules for the selected Action. Right-click a Schedule to edit, execute or delete it.

The Execution History snap panel displays history by device. Right-click to see the details of what occurred when the selected action ran against a particular device (Execution Details).

The Execution Details panel displays tabs showing the Results of running an Adaptive CLI, and the Sent Commands.

You can also View Job to see a screen like the Audit Trail / Jobs Screen, or Delete to remove a listed Action record from the list.

Right-click menus on the Actions portlet can include the following items (these vary, depending on the Action’s family):

New / Edit  -- Lets you create or modify a selected action in the Adaptive CLI Editor, described below.

Execute -- Execute the selected Action. This typically displays a target equipment selector screen, and a screen where you can configure any parameters necessary for execution, then a screen like the Audit Trail / Jobs Screen. Open Manage Network Manager validates the parameters before executing the Adaptive CLI. If a parameter is invalid Open Manage Network Manager logs a validation error to the audit trail. In this case the Adaptive CLI is not executed and leaves behind no history record.

Some Adaptive CLI scripts also let you Preview what is sent the device in a subsequent screen. This does not appear in the execution of Targetless, and Multi-target Adaptive CLIs. Some actions are configured to target groups, too.

Details -- Opens a screen displaying the Reference Tree, Execution History, and Action Details for the selected Action.

Web Services -- You can elect to Deploy / Undeploy or Export WSDL to create a web service from the selected Action.

Deploy / Undeploy Web Service – Deploy or undeploy the selected activity as a web service.

Export WSDL – This exports the WSDL for the selected activity. You must select the file name and location. Web Services Description Language (WSDL) is an XML format for the description of network services as a set of endpoints operating on messages containing either document-oriented or procedure-oriented information.

History -- Displays the history of the selected action.

In the Results (top of screen panel) click to select the device for which you want additional information, and the Execution Details panel displays the Results of execution in one tab and the Sent Commands in another.

Notice that you can Find text within a result (click Go to repeat the find). You can also see the bottom panel if you right-click a single execution within the Execution History snap panel in the Expanded Actions Portlet.

If you select two executions in the top panel (or in the Execution History snap panel and right-click), a comparison appears.

This has the same color coding as you would see comparing configuration files. Lines that differ between the two Adaptive CLI results appear highlighted green. Lines that are missing in one, but that appear in another appear highlighted red. Added lines appear highlighted in yellow. Use the right/left arrows or the page numbers at the bottom of the screen to page through the side-by-side comparison.

Audit -- Opens an Audit Trail Viewer for the selected Action. See Audit Trail / Jobs Screen for details.

Show Last Results -- Show the last execution details (like history for a single run).

Schedule -- Schedule the selected Action. See Scheduling Actions for details.

Delete -- Remove the selected Action from the list.

Import / Export -- Import or Export a file representations of the ACLI action selected. Open Manage Network Manager supports ACLI import / export only.