Monitoring Upload / Download Speeds

Once you have configured this Adaptive CLI, you can monitor its operation. Follow these steps to configure the monitor for the How to: Create a Monitor for the External Script Adaptive ACLI:

If you are testing, make the monitoring more frequent than you might in a production system so you can see if the data is available as expected. You can always change this after you have successfully tested the monitor.

1. Right-click in the Resource Monitors portlet to create a new monitor.

2. Enter the default name, and interval for the monitor in the General panel.

3. In Monitor Options, select the Monitor Entities (target devices) with the green plus, and subsequent screen.

4. In the same screen, elect to Enable the extracted Monitor Attributes with the editor icon to the right of the listed attribute. Notice you can also elect to report the attribute as a Gauge, Counter or Boolean. We selected Gauge.

5. Click Save.

6. Right-click the saved monitor to View Monitor Data.

You may have to click the wrench icon to configure the columns that appear so this screen displays the extracted attribute information. You should see the extracted values displayed in a table.