Configure a Dashboard for Your Monitor

Finally, if you want to configure a dashboard to display your monitored data graphically, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Dashboard portlet, and right-click to create a Custom dashboard.

2. Enter the default data (name, retention policy, and so on) and configure the device and monitor selection by editing the panel(s) you want to display with its editor icon in the upper right corner.

Notice that you can select not only the monitor, but also the target(s) and attribute(s) to display. Here, we have selected the Upload / Download Speed attributes configured in the How to: Create a Monitor for the External Script Adaptive ACLI.

3. Save the configured dashboard.

4. Right-click the dashboard in the Dashboard Views portlet and view it in one of the options available (Full Screen / Popup).

Notice that you can hover your cursor over a node in the graph and see all reported values for that node.