Install on Linux

To run Open Manage Network Manager in Linux, rather than Windows, follow the steps below. Make sure you configure your host as described in Linux Installation Best Practices, too.


1. Install your Linux distribution (here CentOS) on the server, choosing Basic Server when prompted to select software. CentOS should be the only repository selected. Choose Customize Later to decline further customizing the installation.

Updates and Modification:

2. Once installation and initial reboot are complete, login as root.

3. Disable the firewall, and configure the network interface card with a static IP address.


By default the Network Interface Card (NIC) is not active during boot, configure it to be active and reboot:

nano /etc/sysconfig/networking/devices/ifcfg-eth0

Change ONBOOT=no to ONBOOT=yes


4. Once reboot is complete, login as root update the system:

yum update -y

5. Linux (CentOS) installs MySQL libraries by default, this interferes with Open Manage Network Manager since it installs its own version. Remove mysql-libs from the system:

yum remove mysql-libs -y

6. Open Manage Network Manager needs the compatibility libraries installed and reboot:

yum install compat-libstdc++-33.x86_64 -y


Create a user and prepare for installation:

7. You cannot install Open Manage Network Manager by the root user, so login as root, create a new user with a home directory, set the password and add the user to the proper group. Here are examples of the commands for this. configuring user dell:

useradd -m dell

passwd dell

usermod -aG wheel dell

8. Copy the installation files to the system.

9. After unzipping the installation file from the website on a client machine, copy the folder with source files as a subdirectory of the /home/dell directory on the server. Set permissions on the installation directory:

chown -R dell /home/dell

chmod -R 777 /home/dell/MyInstallation

10. Make sure the installation script has permission to execute:

chmod +x /home/dell/MyInstallation/linux_install

11. Create the target installation directory structure and set permissions:

mkdir /dell

mkdir /dell/InstallTarget

chown -R dell /dell

chmod -R 777 /dell

Install Open Manage Network Manager:

12. You cannot install as root user. Log out as root and login as the user (dell) created in the previous steps and run the installation script:

cd /home/dell/MyInstallation

./linux_install -console

13. Now follow the instructions in the installation script, making sure to specify the configured target directory as its installation root.