Image Repository

The Image repository manages firmware updates to deploy to devices in your network, or configurations you want to deploy to several devices.

You must add such files to your Open Manage Network Manager system before you can deploy them. The summary screen listing these images displays their Name, Description, File Name, Image Type and Installed Date. Right-clicking this screen displays the following menu items:

New --Select either Firmware Image, or Configuration Image. Firmware Image displays the Firmware Image Editor screen. Configuration Images originate from Configuration Files that are promoted to mass restore. See the Configuration Image Editor for its functionality.

Edit -- Displays the selected Firmware image in the Firmware Image Editor screen, or the Configuration Image Editor if the selected line is a configuration image.

Deploy -- Deploys the selected file to devices, and with the options you select in a subsequent selection screen. For this to function, you must have enabled a server, as described in File Management.

Download Firmware For -- Some devices (typically Dell) support downloading firmware from the internet. These devices appear listed in a sub-menu. Select the type for which you want to download OS images, and Open Manage Network Manager automatically downloads them.

Delete -- Removes the selected OS image / configuration from the list.

Expanded Image Repository portlet.

When you click the plus, this portlet expands to display the OS images list, a snap panel Reference tree of the connections to devices, and another panel listing the files within the selected image.