This panel lets you add multiple conditions to the monitor you are editing.

Click the Add button to enter a new set of conditions, or click the Edit this entry button to the right of a listed Monitor Condition to open the editor. Click the Delete button to remove a listed set of conditions. Click the Copy icon to duplicate the listed condition.

The editor has the following fields and settings to configure:

Condition Properties

Name --  Enter a text identifier for the conditions.

Alert --  Check this if you want Open Manage Network Manager to emit an alert when the monitor satisfies the conditions.

Trendable --  Check if the conditions specified are trendable. If this is true, the database retains qualifying conditions (or thresholds) for later reporting / dashboards.

Severity --  Specify the severity of the emitted alert, if any.

# of Occurrences --  Enter the number of occurrences of what is specified in the Condition Filter to satisfy the Conditions.

Description --  A text description for the conditions.

Condition Filter

Minimally, use this panel to select a condition, an operator and a value. If you want to use the logical AND or OR operators with a second condition, click the green plus (+), and select a second condition, operator and value. For example, Packet Out Errors greater than 200 AND ifSpeed greater than 10000 can be a set of conditions that only has to occur once to satisfy this monitor’s condition.

Click Save to accept your edits, or Cancel to abandon them.