Show Performance Templates

By default, the Show Performance command displays data for the first twelve attributes it finds. You can control which attributes appear when you select Show Performance by creating a performance template. A performance template lets you set dashboard parameters and associate them to one or more device models. Then, when you execute Show Performance on a device of that type, those dashboard parameters display the dashboard for that device.

Create A Performance Template

To create a performance template, follow these steps:

1. Right click in the Dashboard Views portlet and click on the Performance Templates menu item.

2. The Performance Templates manager appears.

3. To create a new performance template, click on the Add button. The Performance Template Editor appears.

4. Name your template. The Show Composites and Time Frame fields are the same as in the dashboard (see Dashboard Editor).

5. To specify which device model(s) this template will apply to, click on the + button in the Device Models panel. The model selector appears.

Select multiple devices by clicking + repeatedly, selecting a single device each time. You can also make several templates for each device. See Multiple Performance Templates for the way that works.

6. Click on a vendor to see the device types for that vendor. Then click on a device type to see the models available for that vendor and device type. Select the model you want and click on the select button.

7. To select the attributes that you want to appear by default in a performance dashboard for the selected device, click on a monitor to see the attributes available for that monitor. Click on the right arrow button to move the selected attributes from Available to Selected. Those are the attributes that will appear by default in dashboards for the selected device.

8. When you have selected all the parameters you want, click Save. It then appears in the template list.

To edit or delete your template, use the buttons in the action column of the table.

Now when you click on show performance, Open Manage Network Manager checks whether a template for that device type exists. If one exists, then that template guides what appears in the performance view for the device.

Multiple Performance Templates

The template name appears in the upper right corner of dashboards that appear when you select Show Performance.

If other templates for that device type exist they also appear in a template pick list in the upper right corner. You can pick another template to display its attribute selection. The No Template selection displays the default dozen attributes that would appear if you selected Show Performance without a template defined for the device.