Portal Conventions

This section explains how to navigate and configure the Open Manage Network Manager web portal. Because this portal is based on open source features, and can be so flexible, this is not a comprehensive catalog of all its features. The following discusses only features significant for using Open Manage Network Manager.

The application’s web Portal contains the following common elements:

The Dock

Status Bar Alerts

Menu Bar


Because the elements that manage the Web portal are so flexible, and can be very detailed, only Open Manage Network Manager’s most important, or most-frequently-used features appear documented below.

Clicking Go to in the Dock and selecting My Private Pages to open pages not shared with others, unless you configure sharing. (See Sharing.)

Because they are so fundamental to Open Manage Network Manager’s functioning, this section also describes the following portlets:

Audit Trail Portlet


You can rename any portlet by clicking its title. You can also configure portlets’ default filters to work in concert with the title. See Filtering / Settings.