Use Online Help

Online help includes features to reach topics other than what appears when help first opens. Click the Show/Hide button toggles the appearance of the contents, index and search tabs, and the Prev / Next buttons, or clicking table of contents topics moves to different topics within the helpset.

Table of Contents -- Displays topics arranged as they appear in the Synergy manual.

Index -- Search for significant contents in the Synergy index. Search terms appear in an alphabetically sorted list below the clickable alphabet. Click a letter to go to that portion of the index, then open the headline of the section where it appears and click the blue term to go to the topic.

Search -- Search for any word or phrase. You can use JavaScript regular expressions in search, by prefixing the search text with a forward slash (/). To learn more about the syntax required, consult a JavaScript reference.

The AND / OR / NOT radio buttons that appear below the search text are also useful in configuring searches. If you search for Change Management without selecting AND, and/or without enclosing the phrase in quotes, search retrieves pages that contain these words, but not necessarily together.

Sometimes your browser’s cache may interfere with help’s correct appearance. If you see a table of contents node without contents, you can often repair it by refreshing the panel or whole screen.

The online help system appears if you click the Help at the top of the screen. Online help appropriate for specific portlets appears after you click question mark icon in the portlet title bar.

By default, this opens a separate browser window which is not necessarily always in front of the screen that calls it. Because it is separate, you can arrange the display so the help screen does not conceal the portlet it describes.

Use “How To”

Several sections of what follows contain the “How to” instructions for use. These are typically steps to follow to produce the desired result. For a look at all such steps available, refer to the How to section of the Index.

Last Update: September 13, 2013 1:46 pm ... For version: 5.3