Traffic Flow Analyzer

Open Manage Network Manager’s Traffic Flow Analyzer listens on UDP ports for sFlow datagrams. A flow is a unidirectional stream of packets between two network nodes. The following key parameters appear in flows:

• Source IP address

• Destination IP address

• Source port number

• Destination port number

• Layer 3 protocol type

• ToS byte (Type of Service)

• Input logical interface

Using that data, Traffic Flow Analyzer can help you visualize network traffic, troubleshoot and anticipate bottlenecks.

Typical packages come with a default limit to the number of monitored devices. Upgrade your license if you want to exceed the package limit.

Supported versions include sFlow v5.

Parse errors can appear in the application server log for some flow data.

Parse error: Unable to process non IP type flow. Type: <Number>

<Number> represents an Sflow packet type. This application only parses data of type IP. When Open Manage Network Manager receives non-IP packets, it drops packets and this error appears.

• The sFlow exporting router monitors traffic traversing it

• ...and the router becomes an Exporter of sFlow data.

• It forwards information to the sFlow Collector

• Collector stores, correlates and presents the information about

• Traffic bottlenecks in networks.

• Applications responsible for bandwidth utilization.


sFlow -- For Delldevices.

Collector -- Application listening on a UDP port for sFlow datagram.

Exporter -- Network element that sends the sFlow datagram.

Conversations --  IP communications between two network nodes.

Flow -- A flow is a unidirectional stream of packets between two network nodes.

Counter sFlows do not appear as Traffic Flows, but essentially duplicate Performance metrics for interfaces. Flows how data traverses between two endpoints. You can monitor interfaces with Performance monitors. See Monitoring.