This panel lets you configure what is restored, and what is variable in mass deployments.

This screen appears without contents when you create a new Configuration Image, but appears with data from any Promoted configuration file, if it originated as a promoted config file.

Target Param

The panel of parameters that appears to the right of this screen lets you insert a value retrieved from Open Manage Network Manager’s database into the restored configuration file.

For example, if a Contact appears in the file, delete the specifics retrieved from a particular device’s config and double-click the Target Param “Contact.” Open Manage Network Manager inserts $_EquipmentManager_Red­Cell_Config_Equipment­Manager_Con­tact (a unique identifier for the database’s Contact field) wherever you put the cursor.

Now, when you deploy this config file to the devices that pass the filter in the General Parameters editor screen, Open Manage Network Manager first updates this parameter with discovered data retrieved from the device before restoring the configuration. This facilitates deploying the same config to many devices while retaining individual Target Params like contacts, DNS Hostname, and so on.

Target Params include all available discover-able parameters. Some may not apply to the specific device or configuration file.

Firefox requires you click in the editor after double-clicking a variable to include it in a promoted configuration. Otherwise, the inserted variable does not persist.