Adding or Modifying Object Groups

When you click New, you can create a new association between either user or object groups and permissions. Select from User Groups (see User Group Manager for instructions about how to make and manage these groups) or individual users (see User Manager for more information about these). The button at the top right of this screen toggles between individual users and groups displayed in the pick list in the top center of the screen (Figure 16-22).

Figure 16-22  Adding Object Group Permissions

Select a Principal (Group or User), if you are creating new permissions. Otherwise this and the Function field, reminding you of the object group previously selected, are read-only. Then use the selection lists below to arrange the available permissions. Click OK to confirm your selection.


Because devices can belong to different object groups, restricting permissions to a single group may not remove a device from a prohibited user’s control. Permissions for Vendor, Location, Role, manually created Object Group and Services are applied with a logical AND, so similar advice applies about them.