User Group Manager

The User Group Manager lets you create user groups (see User Manager for instructions about creating users themselves). The detail panels display the name, description and whether the group is protected. Open this manager from Settings > Permissions > User Group Manager. Initially, a Group is nothing more than a name and a description.

Figure 16-6  User Group Manager

Click New or select a group and click Open to modify a group. See Adding or Modifying a Group for a description of the editor. To remove a group, select it, then select Delete. You cannot delete some groups; for example, you cannot delete Administrators. Select Copy to duplicate an existing, selected user group. See Copying a User Group for more about this process. You must re-name copied groups. Clicking Help opens context-sensitive help for this screen.

Once created, however, you can associate individual users with groups, and grant permissions to users based on their association with a group. By default, new groups have no permissions.