The Properties control panel provides an interface into the application’s settings.txt file (in owareapps\redcell\db) and lets you view, add, delete, edit, and sort the entries in that file. The contents of this panel may vary if you have optional products or drivers installed.

The Properties panel features the following controls:

Add -- Opens a two-step dialog through which you can add a new property. Both steps appear below. In the first step, enter the name of the new property and click OK. Then enter a value for the new property and click OK to save it.

Edit -- Opens a two-step dialog populated with the selected property. Change the name or path as appropriate and click OK to move to the second step. Specify the appropriate property value in the second dialog and click OK to implement your changes.

Remove -- Deletes the selected property from the list.

Copy -- Makes a copy of the selected property.

Move Up/Down -- Orders the list appearance. Note that the list is exported to the settings.txt file in the order of this panel; changing the sort order also changes the export order. This is for readability only.

Sort -- Sorts the listed properties alphabetically. A subsequent dialog asks you to confirm that you also want to change the order of properties exported to a settings.txt file.


Settings for alarm count and view size settings may have a performance impact.