The Registry panel provides a graphical interface to manage the application’s registry. The Registry lets the application access new classes. The parameters for each individual registry item determine how to interpret the entry, and let you specify default values and behaviors for that entry.

Figure 17-3  Registry Panel


Changes to this panel are not recommended. Changes here can impair the application.

The Registry panel has the following controls:

Add -- Displays the Editing Registry Item dialog, where you can specify a new class. The class must already exist (created in the Oware Creation Center). Add an entry by filling out the fields in the Editing Registry Item dialog, shown below. Click OK to add the entry to the database.

Figure 17-4  Registry Edits

Edit -- Opens a dialog populated with the selected class. Make the appropriate changes and click OK to implement your changes.

Remove -- Deletes the selected class from the list.

Copy -- Makes a copy of the selected entry.