SMTP / Email Settings

This screen sets up the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) and other e-mail settings for this application to send mail.

Figure 17-5  SMTP / Email Settings

This screen has the following fields:

Host Name -- The name of the SMTP server.

SMTP Port -- Use the spinner to enter the port for SMTP on the named host.

Authentication Enabled -- Check to enable authentication on this host.

User Name -- The login name to access the SMTP server.

Password / Confirm Password -- The password, and its confirmation, to access the SMTP server.

Return Address -- The return e-mail address for mail sent by this application.

Default Subject -- The subject that appears by default in any mail sent by the application. Other mail specifics may override this subject.

Use SSL -- Check to use an SSL connection to the SMTP server.

Connection Timeout -- The timeout for the connection to the SMTP server.

Send Timeout -- The timeout for sending to the SMTP server.

Max Per Minute -- The maximum number of messages per minute.


This screen’s settings override any properties settings. See E-mail Settings.