Security Policy

The Policy > Security Policy dialog (Figure 21-5) lets you assign roles and users permissions for Oware rules, events and sequences. Click turn keys on the tree on the left to see the rules, events and sequences you can configure. Click to select one, then click the Add button to produce the Permission dialog. Note that you can select Roles or Users with the Show Roles or Show Users button at the bottom of the dialog. Click an item in the Actions Available panel (typically EXECUTE), and either double-click or click the arrow (>) to move it to the Actions Assigned panel. Doing so enables that action with the selected rule or sequence for the selected Role or User.

Figure 21-5  Oware Security (For Rules, Sequences, and Events)

Once users (or a group of users in a Role) have execute permissions for a rule or sequence, they can use these. If they do not have permission, then they cannot use the rule or sequence. For events, you can control whether users or groups have Emit, Subscribe, or All permissions.


Click the Show Users / Show Roles button to toggle between displaying these two types of permission groups.

The Security Events describes the events Oware emits based on policies in User Monitor, Application Policy, and here.