The Login Process

Begin the login process by creating an instance of com.dorado.core.secu­rity.OWLoginHelper and calling the OW­Log­in­Helper auth method. The auth method either returns an authenticated Subject or throws a SecurityException. The following is the code:

public Subject login(String userName , char[] password);

throws OWSecurityLoginExpiredException , OWSecurityLoginException


OWLoginHelper _loginHelper = new OWLoginhelper()

Subject _subject = _loginHelper(username , password)

return Subject;


The client side OWLoginHelper sends a JMS object message containing the users credentials to the Authentication JMS queue.

On the server, OWAuthListener listens to the Authentication queue. OWAuthListener loads during server initialization. It receives the message, instantiates a server side instance of OWLoginHelper, and calls the OWLoginHelper auth method. The server side OWLoginHelper creates a JAAS LoginContext and executes the login (see the Oware JAAS). The result of the login, either an authenticated Subject or a SecurityException, goes back to the client via a temporary JMS reply queue.

If you log in from server-side code Oware bypasses the JMS communication.