Customizing Default Layout Titles

You can customize not only the contents of Redcell layouts, but also the title bars for default layouts (layouts you create adopt the label you enter when creating them).

Figure 23-2  Customized Title Bar

Your installation’s available screens may vary, but you can override defaults with the following steps:

1. Open the .ocp or .ddp file with a compression / decompression program of your choice (for example: Winzip).

2. Locate the rc.seedlayouts.xml within the db subdirectory.

3. Open this file with a text or xml viewer, and locate the OWKey for the screen whose default layout title bar you want to change. For example, for contact manager:


4. Create a property in a new property file--for example: \install­props\ on that screen’s OWKey. For example:


In other words, you must replace the double colon in the original OWKey with an underscore, and append .1 to the property.

5. The text to the right of the equals sign changes the default title for the impacted manager from Contact - Redcell to TestContact - Redcell (or whatever text you choose).

The way the application selects your new msgs file rather than the default is as described in Message Properties Files.

Doing this changes the name at the top of the layout from the default (for example: Vendors - Redcell) to the text you select (My Vendors - Redcell). This method also changes the text in the drop-down list of layouts. You can create such property equivalents for layouts that appear throughout the application.