Equipment Discovery - HTTP Authentication

Often, an HTTP session exchanges data with the device after discovery. This process fails if the HTTP Authentication information is incorrect. The default HTTP Authentication object employs userID admin and Password password. If your devices are configured with a different UserID and/or Password, you must create a new HTTP authentication object.

Creating New HTTP Authentication as Part of Discovery.

Follow these steps to incorporate new authentication creation as part of discovery:

1. Open the Discovery Wizard, and select Advanced. Click Next.

2. Enter the IP Addresses to be discovered, and select the appropriate SNMP authentication object. Click Next.

3. Select the Save check box, of click Select All. Click Next.

4. Select the device that needs a new HTTP authentication.

5. Click the New icon.

6. Select HTTP/HTTPS and click OK.

7. Enter a descriptive name for the authentication ID, the correct UserID and password, and click Save.

8. Click Add to select the new HTTP authentication object, and click Next.

9. When discovery is complete, click Finish.

Creating New HTTP Authentication after Discovery.

Follow these steps to create an authentication after you have discovered the equipment:

1. Select Settings > Permissions > Authentication Manager from the menu bar.

2. Click New.

3. Select HTTP/HTTPS and click OK.

4. Enter a descriptive name and the correct logon information.

5. Select Equipment in the Authentication Info tree on the left.

6. Click Add on this screen.

7. Select the Equipment to which this authentication object applies and click Select.

8. Click Save The new authentication object appears in the Authentication Manager.

9. Click the Close icon in the right to close the manager.