WMI Troubleshooting

To troubleshoot WMI, do the following:

10. To test WMI locally, click Start > Run, then enter wbemtest.exe and then click OK. The wbemtest.exe program comes with Windows that supports WMI.

11. Click Connect on the Windows Management Instrumentation Tester window.

12. Enter \root\cimv2 in the field at the top of the dialog box next to the Connect button.

13. Click Connect.

14. Click the Enum Classes button.

15. Select the Recursive radio button. Leave the superclass name blank, and then click OK.

16. If the WMI classes you are querying appear in this list, local WMI services are functioning correctly.

17. If the list does not appear or does not contain the desired WMI class, WMI is not functioning correctly. Continue reading this section for guidance on repairing WMI services on the target server.

18. Click Exit.

19. If you did not see the desired classes, Reset the WMI Counters, and re-test until those classes appear.