Enabling Account Privileges in WMI

The account you specify for authentication must possess security access to the namespace and subnamespaces of any monitored target hosts. To enable these privileges, complete the following procedure.

To enable namespace and subnamespaces privileges:

1. Log on to the host you are monitoring as an administrator.

2. Navigate to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Services and Applications. (Classic View of the Control Panel this navigation path).

3. Click WMI Control, and then right-click and select Properties.

4. Select the Security tab, and then expand Root and click CIMV2.

5. Click Security and then select the user account used to access this computer and grant the following permissions:

• Enable Account

• Remote Enable

6. Click Advanced, and then select the user account that accesses this computer.

7. Click Edit, select This namespace and subnamespaces in the Apply to field, and then click OK.

8. Click OK on the Advanced Security Settings for CIMV2 window.

9. Click OK on the Security for Root\CIMV2 window.

10. Click Services in the left navigation pane of Computer Management.

11. Select Windows Management Instrumentation in the Services result pane, and then click Restart.