Install-From Directory

Installation package files must not be in the installation destination.


Install in d:\dorado, unzip package in, for example, d:\source or d:\installsrc, not d:\dorado.


Install in /opt/dorado, unzip package in, for example, /opt/installs, not /opt/dorado.

Installer Failure

Installation logs are in $OWARE_INSTALL_ROOT. Log files are setup.log, app_setup.log, and db_setup.log (this last log does not appear if you install an Oracle database). An empty or missing app_setup.log means no applications were installed. This often results from truncated owareapps directory name.

Installer Failure

Occasional Windows problem include the following:

• Installer fails immediately with error Create Process failed ==> %1 is not a valid Win32 application. The solution is to change value of the %TEMP% environment variable. Change the default value of the %TEMP% environment variable to another existing path, like C:\Temp. Use the Windows System Tools menu to do this.

• The installing user must have write access on directories where the application is installed. Uninstallation must be by the same user who installed the software.

Installation Fails at Database Creation On Windows XP or 2003

If Installation fails at the database creation step, and a message like the following appears: OWLoadDatabase, stderr: ERROR 1045: Access denied for user:

Some installations of Windows XP and 2003 have a default administrator user that does not have full administrator privileges. Create a new user as a member of the administrator group, login as this user, and repeat the installation.


The same user who did the installation must do the uninstallation.

Other Installation Issues

You may see messages like failed to reset password. The following deals with this and other potential problems:

• Make sure you can resolve the host name to the correct IP address

ping -a ip and ping [hostname] and make sure they are in sync.

• Ensure any other of the application’s installation(s) have been completely removed.

• Make sure no other Mysql databases are installed.

• You must be an administrator to install.