Swap Files and Services

Best practice is to set the swap file for Windows to at least 1536M (larger is better), with its minimum and maximum being set to the same value to avoid resizing and fragmentation of the swap file. Ideally, it would be on its own partition or drive, separate from the OS or database.

Also, best practice is to look at what else is running on the box, including third party software and Windows services (services.msc). Stop unnecessary services and reset their startup type to manual.

For example:

If netbios is enabled over TCP/IP, it should be disabled in the Advanced TCP/IP properties (WINS tab) for each connection, and the netbios, netbt, netbios helper and browser services should be stopped and disabled. The netbios and netbt services are not visible from the services control panel applet, but can be stopped using net stop netbios, net stop netbt.