Setting Up FTP / TFTP for Configuration Backup/Restore

Configuration backup / restoration requires FTP and TFTP Servers to transfer configuration files to and from network elements. The FTP and TFTP servers should reside on the same machine. File Management supports the FTP and TFTP server on Windows and Solaris. File Management has been tested successfully with the Windows FTP Server and with a variety of open-source TFTP Servers, as well as the default Solaris FTP and TFTP Server. Simply enable these services on Solaris, and consult FTP Servers on Linux / Solaris for additional information about setting up FTP / TFTP.

While this application provides an internal FTP/TFTP server, best practice is to use that internal FTP/TFTP server only for testing. For those concerned that the internal server provides some insecure access to Redcell, it was designed to be ultra-secure. It literally creates a separate authentication and virtual file system for each file retrieved. It also responds only to Redcell’s internal requests.

Follow these steps to configure this freely available 3Com 3CDaemon FTP/TFTP server (available from You can also configure this to autostart, as described toward the end of this process.


You cannot use the internal file server on the same machine where you are running an external FTP server.