Autostarting FTP/TFTP

To autostart the 3CDaemon, after you configure it, then add a scheduled task in Control Panel’s scheduler. Here are the configuration screens.

1. First schedule the task to start when the computer starts.

2. Then enter the Login ID and password for the user that is going to run the 3CDaemon.

3. Make sure you Open Advanced Properties when you come to the Finish screen.

4. In 3CDaemon’s Advanced Properties, accept the defaults for the Task panel (unchecked: Run only if logged on)

5. Ensure the Schedule tab says to run At System Startup.

6. Check only Wake the computer to run this task on the Settings screen.

7. Finally, configure security so the autorun user has adequate permissions to read, write and delete files.

The 3CDaemon should then provide FTP service even if a user is not logged in to the host where it is installed this way.


A benign error may remind you that file permissions for UNIX and Windows do not match if you configure a Windows FTP or TFTP server.