Client Failover

You can set up client failover with the OWARE.CONTEXT.SERVER parameter setting. This setting lets you comma separate the servers for failover, for example:

OWARE.CONTEXT.SERVER.URL=jnp://<server1>:<port1>,jnp://<server2>:<port2> .

The discovery mode (multicast) for client failover is best. By overriding this you lose some load balancing ability since the client will always connect to the first server specified. Secondly you can run out of servers to which you can failover. Once it gets through the list of servers the application does not go back to the start of the list.


Pulling the cable to test the failover may add up to ten minutes before failover to the remaining server occurs because the application must wait through TCP timeouts which are out of its control.


Also: If you use OWARE.CONTEXT.SERVER.URL, you must (comma-separated) list all available servers wherever you use it to bypass multicast.