Client Configuration

You must configure each client’s properties so it can communicate with the cluster. Both the and ow­data­ files may need overrides in /owareapps/installprops/lib/ to function properly. Overrides

Each client must point to the database server only if you launch any thick client application--for example, Agent Mapper. Override all database server properties to your database server. If you are unsure whether your application has thick client components, then set these properties in


When connecting to a cluster whose primary application server goes down, clients may lose connection to the application server (cluster). If you receive the lost connection to appserver dialog, wait a few minutes for the client to reconnect (or restart the client). Overrides

You must also uncomment the following sonicmq jms properties in /oware/lib/ on the client:









After making the change to the above properties, you must re-source the Oware Environment.