Test #3 - Active Server Abends

This demonstrates mediation behavior when the active server abends. Here, we simulate server abend by manually terminating the standby server process while it is actively processing events.

Expected Results:

• Before process termination the standby server discards all events.

• Before process termination the active server delivers all events.

• After process termination, the standby server switches modes and becomes the active server. At that point, that server should deliver the remaining events.

• The total number of delivered events is expected to be more then 30,000 since deliver includes duplicate events. Since the standby server is at most 15 seconds behind the active server (the timeout period) the maximum number of duplicate events processed is approximately 1500 (15 seconds @ 100 per second).

Actual Results: SUCCESS

• Active Server - The active server processed 11900 events before the process terminated, with 61 remaining in batch.

• Standby Server - The standby server dropped 11700 events before switching to active status. After switching to active, the server processed 18300 events. The total number of events dropped or processed by the standby server is exactly 30000.

The total number of events delivered is 30200. The number of duplicate events delivered was 200 @ 100 per second.