Adding Mediation Servers

You can add more mediation servers and clients later in such installations with the Custom installation. You must point them to the Application Server partition during installation.

Often, such distributed installations use multicast to discover components. The command line (startappserver or startmedserver) -m parameter specifies that mulitcast address, or you can specify it in the owareapps\ installprops\lib\installed.prop­erties file with the OWARE.CONTEXT.SER­VER.URL=jnp://[HostName]:1099 property for autostart installations.

Multicast is optional, however, and you can disabled it if, for example, a firewall blocks multicast between components. See Disabling Multicast for the way to configure the alternative (a non-clustered mediation server setup example also appears in Complex Installations in the step about Medserver:).


You can elect to ping mediation servers before attempting to call a rule. This avoids the long timeout that can occur when the mediation server's network cable gets unplugged. To enable this, add a property ( to for each application server. Ping incurs some additional overhead incurred, so by default, the property is not set and no ping occurs before rules.