Installing Licensing

The Application Server, and other optional software, requires licenses. These should be installed by default, but if the license has expired, or if for any other reason your license is not available at startup the Application Server (or other application) shuts down and will not start.

You can install licenses for basic Application Server functionality, and for extended functionality for drivers and applications at any time. You can install these from the Settings > Permissions > Register License menu item. Simply select the license file in that dialog on any client, and the Application Server will store the permissions to use that functionality in the database.

The license (license.xml) is in the same directory as the software you are installing. To install the license without the benefit of a client (which does not start without a running Application Server), run the following commands in a shell before starting the server:


>licenseimporter c:\path\license.xml


The license is on the install directory of the software CD, and in $OWARE_USER_ROOT once you install your software. Importing a license may not immediately take effect. If this occurs you must restart application server or wait at least 15 minutes.

When it is finished, you should see:


The c:\path portion of this command line is an example. Correct it to wherever you have stored your license file (by default this is the install directory on the CD or $OWARE_USER_ROOT).

When you license new features, you must restart the application server and client.


One key to correct licensing is vendor identification during equipment discovery. If you do not have the correct credentials to identify discovered equipment’s vendor, discovery may behave as though the device is not licensed, even if it is.