Overriding Properties

Best practice is not to change default properties, but to override them. This eliminates updates or new installations overwriting property files you have tuned. If you override values, then backing up the override file(s) is essential.

To override a property controlling all but mediation, put it in a file (whose name ends in .properties) in the following directory under owareapps: installprops\lib. You can override mediation server properties in owareapps\installprops\medserver\lib. Application property values are loaded first and you can override those values here.

The following is an example of property file content to override a cache timeout:


# Dependencies





# Redcell Assurance Overrides


# set event template cache timeout to 1 minute


If you have more than one product dependency, add another product.dependency property.


If any of the dependency directory names (for example, owareapps\redcell) do not exist, then the application does not load the override file.

Consult the comments in the properties files you are overriding for further information about specific properties.