Copying a User Group

Currently in this application manages Device Authentication Configurations separately from User Groups. When you copy a user group like Administrators, the User Group manager does not coordinate Device Authentication Configurations that refer to the Administrators group.

For a new User Group to have access to existing devices you must manually add them to the approved groups list in the Authentication Configuration.

To do this, follow these steps for each device.

1. Open the Authentication Manager with the menu item Settings > Permissions > Authentication Manager.

2. Right click, or use action > Open once you have selected the authentication credentials for the device you want the new group to access.

3. Select the User Group node and click Add in that screen.

4. In the subsequent screen, select the new group you want to add and click OK.

5. Click Save to save your Changes.

When you make a copy of any Redcell user group, you only copy a set of the current permissions. If an upgrade introduces new permissions, the copy is not updated; only Redcell seeded groups get updated.